I am a Sacramento based multi-instrumentalist and producer with experience in genres ranging from Metal to Pop to Progressive House and everything in between. In one of my previous projects, Resolve to Burn, I have had radio play as well as gigs, supporting national acts.

With my extensive knowledge in theory, songwriting, programming, arranging, mixing and production, coupled with persistence and hard work, there are no limitations to the needs of your project. Whatever your vision is, I will find a way to breathe life into your musical ideas.


Currently, I am working with a diverse group of artists and developing their music to its full potential. I have a few remixes available to listen to as well. Every instrumental was written and produced by myself. Stay tuned as I will be updating the playlist regularly!







Artist: Jordan Rock | Videographer: Brandon Burgess


In my home studio in Sacramento: I mix, remix, record, produce and arrange both new and existing compositions to your needs and requirements as well as offer additional elements of production from an alternative perspective.

My services include, but are not limited to:

  • Production of a song within a vast range of musical genres for your single, EP, album, download or other release or project
  • Mixing of existing songs or recordings.
  • Additional instruments written, recorded and arranged to a pre-recorded track.
  • Production of a jingle, clip or other audio for your media (presentation, DVD, video etc.)



I do not charge an hourly rate, rather I only charge per project. With this method, you are paying for the final product and know the exact cost ahead of time.

Although my rates vary and depend on the complexity of your future project, I am very reasonable, so please feel free to contact me for a quote and do not hesitate to make an offer.

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